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  • SMTP to add your own email system
  • Customizable Upgrade URL to upsell your other offers & maximize your profits
  • Customizable Bonuses URL to provide your own bonuses
  • Customizable Tutorials URL to provide your own training
  • Customizable Frequently Asked Questions URL
  • Customizable Favicon Feature
  • Customizable Welcome Video URL to add your own welcome video
  • Customizable Support URL to add your own support link
  • Future White Label Features
  • Software Updates & Upgrades
  • Dedicated Support Team
  • 5 Team Member Access
  • Commercial Rights Include
  • And a lot more…

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Get Instant Access To These PROFIT-BOOSTING Features For ALL FOUR APPS Inside White Label Studio

SMTP to add your own email system

Access your email accounts instantly from within your dashboard.

Our in-built one-click SMTP integration allows you to seamlessly reach out to your audience without juggling between platforms.

Bid farewell to wasting precious time to make instant sales and profits instead.

Customizable Upgrade URL

Selling to an existing customer is easier than selling to a new one…

In just 1-Click you can now add upsells to any of the FOUR apps you have just sold to the customer…

… and it need not be one of the three remaining apps… can use your other offers as well & maximize your profits

Customizable Bonuses URL

Nothing makes customers happier than seeing ‘additional’ stuff added as bonuses.

Bonuses help you increase the overall value of your offers…

...and help convert on-the-fence prospects into customers.

We have included the facility for you to add your bonuses with point-n-click simplicity inside White Label Studio X.

Customizable Welcome Video URL

Welcome videos help you create a level of personal engagement that is not possible through the written word.

Now you can add a STUNNING welcome video to engage your customers and tell them more about your products & brand.

Customizable Support URL

Keeping loyal customers is less expensive than getting new ones.

Research shows that it costs about five times more to attract new customers than to retain existing business.

With White Label Studio X you can add your own support link in just minutes and keep your customers happy.

Customizable Tutorials URL

By adding your own can cut down a lot on getting tickets or your customers contacting you directly via email… or worse - over social media…

...asking for help with your products - not because your products aren’t doing what you said they would do… rather just because your customers couldn’t figure out certain parts on their own

Customizable FAQ URL

Allows your visitors to find answers to all their questions in one place.

Simply add a Frequently Asked Question Link in just 1-Click.

Customizable Favicon Feature

Now add a favicon to your offers in just 1-click.

Have a favicon visible on your browser tabs, bookmarks, history archives to help your customers save time by allowing them to identify and browse your offers without difficulties.

The more time they spend checking out your offers… more chances of them buying.

And of course, this improves your SEO too.

Future White Label Features

We plan to expand the range of White Label Studio as we move along…adding more features.

When you upgrade today – you'll get early access to all future features… while others would have to wait for a few months.

This gives you the early-movers advantage i.e. for the first few months you’ll have access to features that other White Label Studio members won’t… giving you an edge over not just your competition, rather over other White Label Studio members too (those who decide to skip this upgrade).

Software Updates & Upgrades

You get 100% free auto updates when you upgrade to White Label Studio X today.

Whenever a new update is out, since everything is stored in the cloud, you will instantly be upgraded, hands free.

Dedicated Support Team

We have hired and trained extra support staff that is completely dedicated to servicing the White Label Studio X customers.

This means - You don't have to wait long for your queries to get answered and your issues to get resolved…

… and that you can work without getting stuck on your projects.

5 Team Member Access

Now you can SCALE UP your business with White Label Studio X. You can in seconds add additional users to your account. Hire outsourcers to find the very best resources in the market and GROW your business FASTER by adding a few additional hands to your account.

The best part is that you get full control over which team member gets access to what extent. You keep the master-control while delegating certain client accounts to your team members.

Commercial Rights Include

Everything you’re getting TODAY when you UPGRADE to White Label Studio X comes with FREE Commercial Rights…

… the customizable URLs for all FOUR Apps inside White Label Studio.

Feel free to use these for your clients and charge EXTRA for these add-ons. At White Label Studio – we are committed to help you MAXIMIZE your PROFITS at every instance possible.

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  • SMTP to add your own email system

  • Customizable Upgrade URL

  • Customizable Bonuses URL

  • Customizable Tutorials URL

  • Customizable FAQ URL

  • Customizable Favicon Feature

  • Customizable Welcome Video URL

  • Customizable Support URL

  • Future White Label Features

  • Software Updates & Upgrades

  • Dedicated Support Team

  • 5 Team Member Access

  • Commercial Rights Include

  • One-Time Low Price

  • Money Back Guarantee

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